Dear America... from an every day human being!

Dear America... from an every day human being!

I'm not a famous scholar, psychologist, expert, civil rights hero, doctor, lawyer, financially wealthy, professional athlete, politician, Hollywood movie star, celebrity, an "influencer," or anything else that gives me status that most of humankind tends to value.  

I'm an every day human being.  Probably the kind of person 99.99999% of the people reading this post fall in line with.  I'm not perfect, I make mistakes.  Not to say I haven't acted like I am perfect or thought I was at some point.  I'm not above anyone and I won't argue that I've never acted like I was above someone else.  I've screwed up a lot and I've done a lot things really well.  I've learned from my mistakes and improved myself.  I know I will have more mis-steps in my life path down the road. But I will learn from those and make improvements. I am what I like to call an "Every Day Human Being." 

In my opinion, all everyone had to do in Charlottesville is video tape and take photos of the wannabe nazi's storming the streets. Then load all the photos, videos and each individual's information on social media to call them out for currently being terrible human beings.  I think the end result would have been detrimental to their futures if they decided not to make changes about the choices they have made.  Of course, not all of them would and some would probably continue down their current negative paths. 

These wannabes are lost humans who need help. But hating them and assaulting them only resulted in death and a country torn further apart.

A group of people decided to respond with an opposing protest that lead to violence. A reaction most of us can understand where their feelings came from deep down inside. 

Now the USA looks like a drunken disaster. No one is actually fixing anything and the divide is growing further a part.  Maybe the old adage, "it's going to get worse before it gets better" comes into play.  I believe it could get better without getting worse, but that's going to take a lot of changes from many different viewpoints. 

You're not a racist or in the wrong if you don't say anything on this issue and you don't deserve to be told you are for staying silent. You might be as confused as I was on how to examine everything you're being fed in the media, social media, at work, by family, friends, etc. It finally ate at me enough and I decided I had to find some words to sum up how I feel on the other side of Earth.  If for the very least I could ease my my mind and get a night of sleep.

The violence and hate should stop, but it won't. This post won't change a thing. Some will probably despise me for it and some will probably praise me.  Either way, I've decided I don't mind because I'm growing every day to become the best version of me that I can. It's all I can do. 

We are all humans. We all make mistakes and have done things wrong in the past that should shape us to be better in the future. But I've come to realize I can't change anyone who is not myself. These are my feelings, not yours.  I can only hope you see some similarity and decide to get better too. 

Tomorrow I'll wake up. It will be a new day and I will work to become a better person. I can't control or change those around me, but I hope that each of us will get better individually because in my mind that will lead to a better world for the future.