Photograph by Kevin Tseng

My name is Jeremy Heil.  I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio.  Since graduating with my Bachelor's Degree from Bowling Green State University in 2006 I have lived in almost every major city west of Ohio.  The list includes St. Louis, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Seattle, Spokane, and Phoenix.

My passion has always been traveling and experiencing new cultures both in and out of the United States.  I have visited 13 other countries in total so far and that list includes Canada, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, India, Vietnam, China, Thailand, England, Italy, France, Spain, and Ireland. 

My plan since graduating college was getting my 9-5 job to transfer me abroad for an extended period of time. The location did not matter as long as I got the chance to try something new.

Unfortunately, after a decade working for two really great companies I did not see my dream coming to fruition soon enough for my personal timeline.  So I made the decision at 32 years young to place my lifelong dream of traveling as my number one priority.

So I'm setting off an adventure to Vietnam to begin my dream of exploring this wonderful world someone named Planet Earth.  

I look forward to sharing my experiences and photos with those of you who would like to follow.  I hope to encourage others to place their dreams first and lead by example that following your heart is the best plan of action.